Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bedi calls ICC ‘sleeping giant’, says world body after money & entertainment

By Muhammad Asif Khan

KARACHI: The new laws introduced by the International Cricket Council (ICC) have been received with mixed feelings while one of India’s finest cricketers, Bishan Singh Bedi, believes that, with these innovations, the role of spinners had diminished even further. “I am not in favour of two new balls in an ODI, one ball is enough I believe which can also be changed – if required – after 34-35 overs. In this situation, when will spinners get a chance to excel? Both captains – Misbah & Dhoni – also raised concerns over the fielding regulations”, claimed Bishan Bedi while talking to this correspondent for News One TV.

“Cricket has always been a batsman’s game but mainly bowlers win matches for their teams. Rules should be fair to all especially spinners and medium fast bowlers.” added Bedi, who has played 67 Test matches for India from 1966 to 1979.

The ICC has recently altered the regulations during an ODI after which a new ball from either end is used while, apart from power-plays, only four fielders are allowed to be stationed outside the inner circle. Fast bowlers have also been provided with a liberty to deliver two bouncers in an over now while, instead of three, now there would be two chunks of power-plays available during an ODI innings.

On the recently concluded cricket series between the arch-rivals, the former left-arm spinner said that Pakistan had outplayed India during the encounters. On India’s performance Bedi was of the view that Dhoni’s captaincy was not up to the mark and the home team looked jaded too.

“The overall standard of Cricket has come down yet the ICC is only concerned about the inner circles and ways to send the ball out of the park to provide entertainment to the spectators. The overall development of the game is not taken care of adequately”, said Bedi

Bishen Singh Bedi also touched upon the concession provided by the ICC to certain bowlers and let them bend the arm up to a certain degree while delivering the ball. “If a person is born with a certain abnormality, then would he be considered eligible to join the armed forces? Rules shouldn’t be altered to accommodate certain individuals”, said Bedi

“Cricket gets tarnished to a level that some 16 bowlers had suspect actions during last World Cup only. The ICC is a sleeping giant to take no notice of all this and let it all happen for the sake of money and entertainment”, concludes Bedi, who has 266 Test wickets to his credit.

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